About Us

John Burrows is a third generation farmer in the Bedfordshire area. His grandfather Wally Burrows started off as a tenant farmer at Gibralter Farm Tempsford until the start of second world war when the farm was taken by the MOD to create Tempsford Air Field. Wally Burrows then went on to purchase Charity Farm Marston Moretaine and then he moved again to Beadlow Manor Clophill. Here he ran a 250 acre mixed arable farm and a dairy herd.

Johns father, Tony Burrows, worked with Wally at Beadlow Manor and whilst living here married and started a family. John Burrows was born at Beadlow Manor along with his brother and two sisters.


Tony Burrows then started his own farm, firstly at Grange Farm, Willington, Bedfordshire where he had 5O milking cows and a pig breeding unit and then he moved on to Blunham, Bedfordshire where he built Brookfield Farm. Here he had 24 milking cows and 30 suckler calves. It was here that Tony started purchasing straw in the swath, baleing and then selling the straw to Wales and the West Country. This was very much a family business with all members having to play their part in the daily running of the farm.

Very sadly when John Burrows was in his early twenties his father became very ill and eventually passed away. It was shortly afterwards that John stepped up to the mark to create his own business, JWB Farm Services.

It was from these humble beginnings that John built up his agricultural contracting business and he continued to be a hay and straw merchant, increasing the amounts of straw baled year on year.

John and Lucy and JWB Farm Services are a family business who are forward thinking but with respect and regard for the past.

In 1996 John married Lucy and they worked together building the business up. Soon after their marrage, they took on the challenge of starting their own farm at Thorncote Green, Bedfordshire. Again it was not an easy start as the farm had to be built from scratch. Planning permission was obtained for a cattle shed and a mobile home. From here a long ten year battle began building the business and farm. They bought a small beef breeding herd of mostly limousine cattle and a few Devon Reds and also a small flock of sheep. They also continued to expand the agricultural contracting business purchasing more and newer equipment to be able to offer their customers a more comprehensive service. This included conventional baleing, round baleing and wrapping, big baleing, muck spreading, ploughing and cultivations.

During this time John and Lucy had two children Jason and Antony and although life was hard at times and very busy they continued to drive forward with the farm and the business. Eventually planning permission was granted for a permanent dwelling to be built at Little Oak Farm and so in December 2006 the family moved into their new home on the farm.

Burrows Family

Since then the business has continued to grow year on year and although they no longer have a flock of sheep they still have a beef breeding herd which now include Hereford cows and bull. They also set up a vacuum tankering business working mainly for Anglian Water and they now have six lorries for this side of the business. They also have a bulker trailer for transporting corn, a low loader trailer for machinery and a lorry and drag for straw and general haulage. John and Lucy continue to evolve their business to cater for their customers' needs and modern farming requirements and it is company policy to keep all of their machinery and equipment maintained and updated to the highest standard.

John and Lucy now farm 670 acres, 400 acres of combinable crops and 270 acres of pasture. They also supply straw to Ely Power Station as well as continuing to sell straw for animal feed to Wales and the West Country just as Johns father did some 30 years ago.

John and Lucy and JWB Farm Services are a family business who are forward thinking but with respect and regard for the past.